Bayland Buildings, Inc. has been a leader in design/build general contracting for over 25 years and has continually enhanced our process to incorporate LEAN techniques and Integrated Project Delivery methodology.  If you are looking to maximize your budget and minimize your headaches, design/build is an extremely economical and efficient way to take on your next project.  We will design your project to fit your needs.  With in-house design and engineering, we streamline communication and deliver an overall better customer experience. We bring all the stake holders of any construction project together into the very early stages of development to focus on the goal(s) for the project owner. We then work backwards from the end goal to establish the steps necessary from the beginning to meet that goal with the very best quality at minimal costs.

Advantages of Design/Build Process:

  • Cost Savings: Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team with a common goal, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and constructability are utilized more effectively when the designers and contractors work as one during the design process.

  • Early Knowledge of firm Cost: The entities responsible for design is simultaneously estimating construction cost and accurately conceptualize the completed project. Two parts contracting for design/build services afford the Owner “go, no go” decision point at the completion of preliminary design.

  • Risk Management: Quality, cost, and schedule expectations are clearly defined and appropriately balanced. Change orders due to drawing and specification errors are eliminated because the correction of such errors is the responsibility of the design/builder, not the owner.

  • Accountability (Singular Responsibility): With both design and construction in the hands of a single qualified entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence. With design/build, the Owner is able to focus on scope/needs definition and timely decision making, rather than on coordination between the designer and the builder.

  • Time Savings: Because design and construction are overlapped, and because bidding periods and redesign times are eliminated, total design and construction times can be significantly reduced. With design/build procurement and construction work begins before the working drawings are fully completed. The resulting timesaving translates into lower costs and earlier utilization of the complete facility.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Design/build is an integrated and streamlined process therefore the Owner’s administrative burden can be reduced. The Owner is not required to invest time and money coordinating and arbitrating between separate contracts.

  • Increased Quality: The singularized responsibility inherent in design/build promotes high quality and efficient project performance. The Owner’s requirements and expectations are documented in performance terms and it is the design/builder’s responsibility to produce results that meet or exceed those criteria.