Bayland Buildings, Inc. architectural, engineering (PE, designers and permitting specialists), estimating and sales departments work diligently to make sure we develop a building design and plan needed to attain your overall goals. An integrated project delivery team will be assembled to cost-effectively develop a project plan that will meet your desired project solution. We understand the best opportunity to control the outcome of any construction project is the planning stage. That is why we take time to clearly recognize the needs the project fulfills, develop solutions and evaluate all potential options to identify the correct path project development.

Our team is equipped with the latest technology including Revit, BIM, and AutoCAD to produce architectural structural and site plans along with colored renderings or modeling. We also utilize Procore project management software, which will follow along in the development of your project providing superior communication and total project integration.



Design Build General Contracting

Bayland Buildings, Inc. has been a leader in design/build general contracting for over 25 years and has continually enhanced our process to incorporate LEAN techniques and Integrated Project Delivery methodology. If you are looking to maximize your budget and minimize your headaches, design/build is an extremely economical and efficient way to take on your next project. We will design your project to fit your needs. With in-house design and engineering, we streamline communication and deliver an overall better customer experience. We bring all the stakeholders of any construction project together into the very early stages of development to focus on the goal(s) for the project owner. We then work backward from the end goal to establish the steps necessary from the beginning to meet that goal with the very best quality at minimal costs.



Construction Management

Construction Management services can be provided in a variety of ways. The two most common are CM at Risk and CM as an Advisor. The main difference between each service type is a CM at Risk takes the overall financial responsibility (risk) for a project and a CM as an Advisor does not. A CM as an Advisor is, for the most part, is purely a consultant on the construction process for your specific project. Bayland is primarily a Design/Build General contractor and we take overall financial responsibility for the majority of our projects and therefore we (in most cases) will operate under a CM at Risk approach to projects. This approach will protect our clients from the multitude of unforeseen issues that arise on construction projects. The following are services that are commonly provided as part of each construction project.




Bayland Buildings, Inc. self-perform services ensure the highest quality solutions, controlled costs, schedule flexibility, and greater safety. With a team of dedicated tradespeople, we are confident these services will provide significant benefits while exceeding your expectations.

Self-Perform Services: 

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Concrete Flatwork

  • Carpentry

  • Interior Steel

  • Structural Steel

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Steel Erection