Success through Safety

Safety is a top priority at Bayland Buildings, Inc. for our employees, subcontractors, customers, and guests. Bayland Buildings, Inc. enforces full safety compliance guidelines from top management to general labor, and works continuously to develop our culture around safety guidelines and safe practices.

Safety begins at hire for our field employees. Each is educated on our safety policies and expectations, and given complete fall protection training. Employees operating equipment must test-out on operation of that equipment beforehand. All employees are required to complete OSHA 10-hour training within the first year of employment, and all employees are re-trained on OSHA 10 in not more than 5 year intervals thereafter. In addition, our Superintendents and Foremen are regularly trained in common workplace hazards, how to identify them, and how to properly and safely complete specific tasks throughout each year. Toolbox talks and focus discussions are a regular part of our field crew discussions.

Bayland Buildings, Inc. site Superintendents complete a safety evaluation specific to each project at the beginning of every new project and review those procedures with our Foremen and Subcontract partners prior to beginning a new phase of work. Superintendents track safety audit information daily to ensure the plan is effectively being Implemented through the duration of the Project. Bayland Buildings, Inc. will implement our customers site specific safety training policies when necessary, and track that training program for every person that works on a specific site. Bayland Buildings, Inc. personnel will keep and maintain a site log and incident reporting procedure to ensure compliance with our clients’ expectations alongside our own.

Bayland Buildings, Inc. follows and enforces a substance abuse policy for all our employees.