Designing and Building Dairy Facilities 


Once you've made the decision to expand your agriculture operation you face the important task of finding a contractor. Our experienced agricultural representatives will be there with you from start to finish. Finding a company that is the right fit for you and your goals can make all the difference. Whether your new agricultural building is for livestock or storage, you will want a contractor who understands your business and knows that communication is critical to the success of the project. Bayland Buildings, Inc. will handle the design, construction and management phases of your facility.

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Bayland Buildings, Inc. knows the industry and recognizes that no two projects are the same. We understand that your business is dependent on the timely completion of your project and will stand behind our work after it is completed.


We work with you to uncover your needs to provide you with a preliminary design and accurate cost estimate.  Knowing the details of your project such as the type of barn or parlor, traffic flow, cow comfort, labor efficiency and feed handling will help us evaluate your needs going forward.  Bayland Buildings, Inc. self performs much of the work, such as concrete, rough and finish carpentry and steel erection which helps keep your costs down and your project on schedule.  We evaluate your business needs and design each project and building to your specifications taking your dream from concept to completion. Visit our Agriculture Portfolio to view some of our past projects.


Bayland Buildings, Inc. Specializes in Agriculture Facilities

  • Freestall Barns

  • Heifer Facilities

  • Pack Barns

  • Compost Barns

  • Milking Parlors - Carousel, Herringbone, and Parallel

  • Commodity Buildings

  • Shops

  • Special Needs/Hospital Barns

  • Manure Storage 

  • Bunker Pads

  • Equestrian/Horse Facilities


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